That’s My Soul In There. Meditation for a Full Moon in Libra.

I was in my kitchen listening to ‘King of Pain’ on repeat. I had the perfect metaphor for the Aries archetype. I visualized how I’d construct my message and was excited to share with the world. And then I realized. It was not a full moon in Aries, of course. It was a Full Moon in Libra. Full Moons occur in the season of their polarity and they are activated by the Sun. I am not sure why I forgot this. It seems the mistake of a rookie, yet it opened up me of the why that full moon symbolism is so important. It is the only when one can truly be in its polarity, mastering both the other and the self, that full realization happens.

This is why the full moon is the culmination of the space between. The polarity of Aries and Libra is one I like to think of the mastery of the relationship: to oneself and to others.

Pop psychology encourages Aries by telling us to put our mask on first. This was a saying long before the pandemic that more so referenced self-care and the need to care for yourself before caring for others lest be at risk for burn out. Libra in the cultural undercurrents remind us that in cooperation and collaboration, we achieve synchronicity, peace, and beauty. Remember there is no I in Team. Many of the heroes we observe in popular culture follow a similar pattern. Often beginning as arrogant and a narcissist, the hero finds connection and beauty in relationship to other and is able to broaden their perspective which leads to an ultimate sacrifice. Taking one for the team as the say. And in this action, the hero transcends and most of the time lives (In American Media).

The hero masters the use of the I AM and the I RELATE. Aries the God of War, Venus the Goddess of Peace. When thinking on how both these energies exist within us all, I invite you to an exercise I first learned in grad school that I feel perfectly demonstrates this axis.

With a piece of paper, begin with a simple I AM. Write down one relation. This might be I am a friend. I am a mother. I am a teacher. I am a son. I am an ally. Get creative with it. Entertain all that you are for others and understand the complexity on how you effortlessly dance between all of these roles. Reflect on how you serve others. How you manage to engage in those relationships to keep them mutually beneficial. And as you write down all of the ways that you RELATE in your I AM, continue with any and all that come to mind. Until you have exhausted all.

And then, remain there in reverence because although we as a culture emphasize on what can be defined and measured, YOU exist despite definition. That the I AM always predates the relationship. That is order to be all those things, for all those people, you must be steady in your orientation to self.

If you’re like me, the essence of being and the ego is a feeling. I can tell when my ‘self’ and my relationships are in alignment and ease. They are harmony, they are peaceful, they are balanced. If you are rooted in Earth, it might be a sense of calm; Air, an understanding; Fire, a passion. Whatever it is, I hope this Full Moon in Libra encourages explorations on the I and the We.



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